A Russian Instagram influencer was found dead in a luggage in her Moscow flat

A Russian Instagram influencer was found dead in a luggage in her home at the weekend. 24-year-old Ekaterina Karaglanova was discovered by her parents with multiple stab wounds and dressed solely in a suspender/garter belt. Russian media reported that Karaglanova had been romantically involved with 2 men. One is in his early 30s, the other is 52.

Police are working on an investigation of a jealousy as a potential motive. A male suspect has been arrested in connection with the murder, the investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for Moscow reported on Tuesday.

A Russian Instagram influencer with over 90,000 followers was found dead in a luggage in her Moscow flat.

Twenty-four-year-old Ekaterina Karaglanova was discovered by her parents and property owner at the weekend after they’d failed to make contact along with her for some days.

Her body was covered in multiple stab wounds, and she had been stripped right down to a suspender belt.

There was no sign of a struggle or a murder weapon at the scene, MK reported (in Russian).

According to The Times’ Russia correspondent Tom Parfitt, a person was seen on CCTV coming into the building with a cap pulled over his eyes – four hours later he was seen going away in a totally different outfit and carrying a silver suitcase.

“There is a theory that he took out bloody clothes in that luggage,” a source close to the investigation told the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper, in line with The Times’ Russia correspondent Tom Parfitt.

According to Russian media, Karaglanova had been involved with a man in his early 30s and a 52-year-old man who had planned to take her to The Netherlands for her 25th birthday on July 30.

The BBC reports that police are working on the investigation of jealousy as a potential motive.

The influencer had alluded to a possible romance on her Instagram account, sharing photos of bouquets with notes connected to them.

“Another surprise from Mr. X,” she captioned the newest photograph, adding: “For several weeks currently I actually have been receiving bouquets and small notes from a secret admirer. I’m wondering who it might be?”