Facebook and Twitter ordered to court over photos of boys convicted of Ana Kriegel murder.

A judge has ordered Facebook and twitter to be brought before him to answer for allegations of contempt of court over the publication of pictures identifying the 2 boys convicted of murdering Ana Kriegel.
Mr. Justice Michael White directed representatives of the social media giants to come to the Central criminal court tomorrow after he was told of an alleged “willful disregard” of the law and court orders banning the identification of the boys.

The judge additionally made an interim order for the removal of the photos in question and restraining further publication of any material identifying Boy A and Boy B.
He granted the orders following an application brought by lawyers for the Director of Public Prosecutions this afternoon.

Brendan Grehan SC said he had an “urgent application” to make following the conclusion of the trial before Mr. Justice Paul McDermott yesterday.
He said the 2 convicted boys were 14 years old; as such they were covered by the provisions of Section 252 (1) of the children Act, and nothing should be published or broadcast that tended to identify them.

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Instagram likes

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Twitter still has a growth problem

A Twitter logo is seen on a computer screen on November 20, 2017. (Photo by Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

If you read enough of the news, you would possibly assume that Twitter (and its CEO) is laying dead within the water for all to see. But, in its most recent financial statements, the corporate is proudly declaring that it isn’t dead yet, and may not be for some time. Within the last 3 months, Twitter’s user numbers rebounded and its operating financial gain continued its slow, but steady, rise.

According to its own, slightly opaque math, Twitter went from 126 million to 134 million daily users within the last 3months. Those are “Monetizable Daily Active Users,” namely people who use the site on a daily basis and that ads can be sold against. Twitter’s domestic user figures went from twenty seven million last quarter to twenty-eight million in this, however saw international usage leap from ninety nine million in q4 to one hundred and five million now.

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Twitter shares surge 17th as users rise

Shares in Twitter have surged over 17th when the firm reported rising numbers of users and higher revenues, days after its chief executive promised to improve how it tackles online abuse.

The company’s revenue rose to $787m (£605m) in the first quarter, up eighteenth from a year earlier.
The number of daily active users rose eleventh to 134 million.
The results prompted criticism from U.S.A. President Donald Trump, who accused the platform of political “discrimination”.
The firm’s founder, Jack Dorsey, has said he regrets that Twitter’s style encourages “outrage”.

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