How to display your accomplishments & success on Facebook

If you’re anything like me, you probably believe that your good work and professional successes should speak for themselves. You put in the hard work crafting your expertise; others should recognize its merits all on their own, right?

Unfortunately, our merits don’t always receive their just do in the public eye. Waiting around hoping your good work will catch the attention of your local community could be preventing you from getting the brand recognition—and possibly the leads and commissions—you work so hard to earn. But how do you let people know about your accomplishments and accolades without sounding like a pompous jerk? Here are a few techniques real estate agents can use to successfully highlight their accomplishments and success on Facebook:

Share moments of success in your posts

People always enjoy a happy ending. Use this to your advantage by highlighting great moments in which you helped create such a story. This can include displaying a picture of a happy family in front of the new home you’ve helped them obtain. Or, you can post about the great results of a fundraiser you were a contributor to. Stories like these help boost a positive connotation connected to your brand, helping to strengthen relationships and increase engagement.

Display recommendations and positive reviews

Have you won a community-based or industry honor? Share this with your fans! Post links to news stories that mention this success, or show an image of the award. Not only will you impress fans/followers, but you will provide an interesting talking point on your Facebook page.

Thoroughly fill out “About” section

Write a description in paragraph form in addition to highlighting tasks and accomplishments in a bullet format. Maximize this section with positive and informational details.

The important thing to consider when sharing any accomplishment is to focus on celebrating your success in the context of your company, career, and professional growth. Don’t make it sound like you think you’re better than others.